Paradise Corner #1

Welcome to the first edition of Paradise Corner! This is where we keep our readers updated on the day to day happenings at the shop. As most of you know, we are still very new to the community but are loving the support we are getting from all of those in the surrounding communities….and Paradise is giving back!

This past Monday, we had great success with our Craving Paradise dinner series with Chef Brian Roland (our celebrity chef ) and his five course gourmet French dinner each paired with a wine from our French selection.  The coup de gras…… a pear cognac, Belle de Brillet which everyone absolutely loved because of the incredible nose and silky smooth finish….. with twenty pounds of pear per bottle, it should have a pretty strong nose!

On Wednesday, we welcomed Antonio Hidalgo who is a seventh-generation Spanish Sherry maker. He spoke about the winery where he grew up and how  that translated into being at its helm to which he is so grateful – and with such delicious wines, maybe we are the ones who should be grateful!

Sherry is not something that is traditionally thought of as a mainstream purchase item, but participating in the tasting, it will be an item I am adding to my weekly shopping list. Antonio told us that at his winery, he has a special cask that is always available…to the workers. Now THAT is what I call a healthy work environment! We are not sure if more gets done or less gets done, but either way, I’m sure that’s a happy crew.

Another service that customers are starting to take advantage of is our offsite pouring. We have scheduled a couple of private events where we are providing wine and of course the entertainment of one of the Paradise Team pouring for you.  Imagine this, you are having a private party in your home and want that extra touch of elegance – we will come to your home with the knowledge you need to have your own private tasting. You can now say to your friends, “Yeah, I’ve got a wine guy.” – Ryan